The Performance Model LMC ®

Within any system, be it a person, a team, a company or a nation, three Roles appear continuously. We call them:

  • L, for Leader, which represents power;
  • M, for Manager, which corresponds to reality;
  • C, for Coach, which affects the person;

Specific and universal, these Roles combine to bring about excellence according to the formula:

P = L.M.C.®

where P represents Performance, Peace or Durability (Pérennité in French).

Indeed, in a positive or negative way, the L, M and C Roles interact continuously to ensure the life and survival of the system.

Le Modèle Chalude® describes these interactions. It highlights the six Vectors that ensure the circulation of energy from one Role to another.

LM Vision Symbolizes power prevailing upon reality.
ML Management Corresponds to reality providing power with facts and data.
MC Implementation Describes the progression of a task that meets a human need.
CM Collaboration Illustrates the service rendered by the person who shares work and demonstrates solidarity with others.
CL Innovation Characterizes the person who speaks to power in order to make work easier and free his/her colleagues from their workloads.
LC Competition Shows power how to protect the people or the system.

Two positive circuits, L.M.C. and L.C.M., develop in a spiral:

-The first, looking inward, runs clockwise;

-The second, running counter-clockwise and looking outward protects the first one.

The exclusion or confusion of Roles, as well as the over-development or distortion of the Vectors cause violence, failures and sacrifices characteristic of crises, wars and tragedies in general.

Conversely, practicing the Model in a positive way enables analysis, exploration, activation, development, reactivation and transmission of Performance.

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